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Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the term used to describe a child’s life between birth and five by Government and Early Years Professionals.  From when your child is born until the age of five their early years experiences should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure, supporting their development, care and learning needs.  At Broomhall we use the EYFS to help us plan for your child’s development and record the progress they make on their learning journey.


“Adults are constantly interacting with children, talking, developing language, guiding learning and counting.  No opportunity is missed to develop numeracy skills, counting, problem solving and measuring.  There is always an adult reading to individuals or groups and books are available in all parts of the nursery for children to dip into and enjoy.  As a result, a love of reading and respect for books develop.” Ofsted 2014


Click here to read the EYFS leaflet which has some positive advice about the vital role you have in supporting your child to learn and ways to help.  When we plan for your child’s learning we really appreciate any feedback you can share about their interests, events at home, special celebrations or activities at nursery that have really captured their imagination.  We have created some information slips to make any quick notes you wish to share with your child’s key worker.  These are available by  clicking here.  However, nothing will replace the vital daily personal discussions we have with you and help us to work so closely to make sure we provide the very best at Broomhall.