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What People Say About Us


“I am writing as the Mother of two children, now in their 40's, who attended Broomhall Nursery, and as the Grandmother of three children, all of whom have been fortunate also to have had the best possible start in their early years' learning and socialization. The last of these three is coming to the end of his time at Broomhall and I did not want
the occasion of his transfer to "big school" to pass without expressing my warmest thanks and appreciation for all the staff at Broomhall Nursery have done, and continue to do for all the children in their care.

In today's society it is refreshing and reassuring to find an establishment which actively encourages individuality and self-expression in a true mix of social, cultural and ethic backgrounds.


This is indeed a real jewel in the community. Many thanks for your hard work and Good Wishes for the future.”  Annette Whiteley.


“a real jewel in the community”


“Today after returning from school, my daughter sang a 'Diwali-day' poem which she learnt at school. We were pleasantly surprised! I am short of my words to thank you all and I cannot explain how happy I was after listening the poem. We enjoyed the poem as much as our daughter did. It is good to see her making good progress and she loves her school. Many thanks for your great efforts!” Shilpa Jadhav.



“thrived and flourished in your care”



“Thank you so very much for everything; from trusting you with our child and seeing him grow in confidence to watching him flourish with your fantastic care and support.  Thank you for making capes and masks and encouraging his love of sticky tape. Thank you for the so many wonderful experiences you have provided.  Thank you for looking after us all!”  Liz Smith.



“I appreciate the cultural awareness and the educational and fun approach to celebrating different cultural and religious events at Broomhall. My daughter often surprises me with the knowledge she has gained at nursery, ranging from eating healthy to the advantages of creating compost heaps!  I have also noticed how much her confidence and language skills have developed over a relatively short period of time.   Broomhall Nursery School is a lovely facility, which provides me with the reassurance that my child is safe and being well looked after, and it is a stimulating environment that my child looks forward to being a part of every day.”  Nadia Bashir.


“My daughter often surprises me with the knowledge she has gained at nursery.”